With your donation, you make it possible the EU (and its member states like the Netherlands) will make policies leading to a reduction of the consumption of meat (and dairy), which will support your health, your health payments, climate, environment, nature and animal welfare.  

As a consumer you can donate an amount of 10 euro's per year or more. 

When you are a company or organisation you can become a partner  fro 100 euro per year or more.

The annual contribution for partners is dependent of annual turnover (as a guideline):

5000 euro       company with turnover  > 50 million euro
3000 euro       company with turnover   >1 million euro
1000 euro       company with turnover < 1 million euro
 250 euro         research/governments 
100 euro          startups, small business

The sum of donations will be included in our annual report.  De Animal Protein Reduction Coalition is striving to become an non for profit status for taxation in 2019. 

Donations can be sent to to bankaccount  NL 52 ASNB 0706 8166 25 of mr. H.W. Remmers. Mention: 'donation' and your name / email.  

Thanks for your help!